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Bespoke menswear label XHOSA launches the very impressive fashion film TERI. The film is more than a fashion film and intersects important cultural and anthropological subjects. TERI opens closed cultural doors and shows how intimate Surinamese traditions can be worn and seen with flair.



The short fashion film TERI portrays Surinamese traditions, rituals and pride in an intimate way. Spiritual heritage that’s normally experienced and shared behind closed doors. Only passed on from generation to generation in a private environment. The influence of ancestral history on our existence, behavior and self is immense and wonderfully special. The realization and admiration for this inspired XHOSA to design the KABRA collection. This proces brought the desire, sense of necessity and social responsibility to visualize this. A deep rooted source of inspiration from design to film. A story so strong that can be worn and seen with pride.

KABRA Collection 2021

The KABRA collection consists of classic designs, subtle finesse in finish and choice of materials. Reminiscent of Italian simplicity but refined designs. If you pay a little more attention. You will see applications and prints of Surinamese traditional origin. All subtle and carefully placed with meaning and reason.

XHOSA even designed a male ‘Koto’.A Surinamese, Kotomisi, imposed to be worn by women intended to cover themselves during the colonial past. Despite this, the very versatile Kotomisi is worn with pride.

The collection is entirely inspired by Surinamese traditions and culture. Traditional knotting techniques are applied and constructed in Suriname by women of indigenous descent who have been using these techniques for centuries. For example, there are four hand knotted sweaters that took 112 hours of manual work each. Two wool coats are hand-embroidered using a traditional Saramaccan techniques in traditional Tembe patterns. All executed by women whose ancestors created these techniques. Every piece in the collection reflects the source of inspiration, the history of Suriname. Although the source of inspiration is obvious and powerful, it is not exclusive to people of Surinamese descent only. This collection is for everyone with a refined taste, longing for authenticity and a desire for a label with significance.

KABRA is just as versatile as its story. Proud, true, traditional, profound, bespoke, unmistakable and timeless.

“Culture is a gift that is passed on from generation to generation. With this we remain connected with the ancestors who established these practices in order to keep us in touch with our spiritual essence”. 

“This is inextricably linked to Surinamese rituals, the foundation on which its formed by traditional clothing. The inspiration for this collection consists of patterns, colors, craft techniques and materials that are characteristic of this. By incorporating these into contemporary garments, Xhosa gives the next generation the opportunity to integrate their culture into their daily lives and convey the message again”.

“This collection is a tribute to our ancestors. In Sranan Tongo we call them; KABRA”. - According to XHOSA -


The short film TERI has been nominated for Best Fashion Film by La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. The results will be announced on July 24, 2021.

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